Why Avocado is Better Than Butter

There’s nothing like butter to enrich the flavor of any food.  It’s hard to imagine a bag of popcorn or a steaming baked potato without butter to complete its taste.

But be warned.  As wonderful as its taste may be, butter has toxins from antibiotics, pesticides and other environmental hazards and contaminants cows may have ingested and passed on to this dairy product.

Aside from that, butter consists mostly of saturated fat, cholesterol and salt which can contribute in raising blood cholesterol, encouraging the build-up of plaque in arteries.

Continuous butter consumption would likely result in cardiovascular disease, hypoglycemia and other similar illness.

A Healthy Alternative

You do not have to imitate the taste of butter to add flavor to food.  All you have to do is get creative and you will surely find an alternative to butter that’s not just as delicious, but healthier, too!

Take for instance, avocados.

You can use mashed avocados as spread on toast in place of butter, margarine or mayonnaise.

Instead of using cheese as the main ingredient for your dip, you can whip up a tasty guacamole.  Just add blended onion, garlic, tomato and lime juice to mashed avocados and it will definitely complete your pitta bread, chips and raw carrot sticks.

Sliced avocados also go well with tuna and other sandwiches.

Aside from its great taste, the avocado is also nutritious.  It contains vitamins A, B, C, iron and potassium.  It easily surpasses the potassium content of bananas.  Avocados have more than 25 other essential nutrients which is why it’s considered a complete food.

Because of antioxidants and vitamin E in avocados, this tropical fruit also promotes younger and healthier-looking skin.  Indeed, the avocado is a great treat not just to one’s taste buds but also to the whole body in general.