The Most Popular Avocado Variety in the Culinary World

For the person whose interest is just to fill his stomach, all foods are the same.  But for those who love their food, whether by savoring them or cooking them, every little ingredient is a unique culinary experience.

Treating an avocado isn’t much different.  There are over 500 different varieties of this green, tropical fruit and each one has a unique characteristic and flavor most people wouldn’t even notice.

For instance, the Fuerte variety.  This type of avocado remains green even when ripe.  Its skin is thin and easy to peel.  It is shaped like a pear and comes in a variety of sizes.  Fuerte Avocado has a rich, creamy flavor that’s unlike any other avocado type.

You would recognize Bacon Avocado from Fuerte, not by its skin color (both varieties remain green when ripe), but by its shape.  Unlike Fuerte which is pear-shaped, Bacon Avocado is oval.  Its taste is also a lot lighter.

But among all the types of avocados available today, most chefs and culinary enthusiasts have a particular preference for the Hass variety.

This inclination can be justified by several grounds.

For one, Hass avocado is available all year round.  That means one doesn’t have to wait for any particular season to come before he can get a hold of this fruit.

Although Hass is widely available, its taste varies when picked at different times of the year.  Those who know avocados well are aware that Hass is quite watery for six months each year.

But most importantly, the extremely rich flavor of the Hass variety cannot be compared with the rest of its kind.  When mashed, its creamy texture is just perfect for guacamole and as topping for sandwiches, grilled meats and salads.

Curtis Stone, a world renowned chef, expressed his preference in cooking with Hass avocados saying it can easily be diced and incorporated in a variety of dishes.