The Ideal Climate for Avocado Growing

Because avocado has many health benefits and is a good source of nutrition, a lot of people are starting to plant their own avocado in their own backyard.

The avocado tree does not require a lot of care and is not really delicate but there are still some conditions that must be met in order to grow it.

Being a tropical to subtropical tree, the avocado thrives only in places with temperate climate as those in zones, 9, 10 and 11.  Growing under these conditions – a climate with alternating wet and dry seasons – make avocado trees become more productive, bearing sweeter fruits.

However, it takes as long as ten years for avocado trees to mature enough to bear fruits, so don’t expect to harvest until then.  Grafted avocado plants bear fruits much faster – in as little as two years.

Although avocado does best outdoors in full sun, it doesn’t mean it won’t survive in cooler, shady areas.  Provided it is not exposed to very strong winds and severely cold temperatures, an avocado tree can also survive.

Make sure you plant the tree deep into the soil to assure survival.  You may also put additional soil around the trunk for extra protection or drape it with a blanket or tarp.

If you live in a place with extremely cold climate, you may opt to grow your avocado tree indoors in containers.  The avocado, aside from being a fruit-bearing tree, can also be used as a decorative houseplant.

With moist, fertile soil and adequate sunlight, avocado plants can add an interesting light to your home from three to five years.