The Difficulties of Getting an Avocado to Grow Indoors

Seeing what you have cradled as a seed grow into a beautiful tree is very rewarding.  Some people get so attached to their plants that they even give it names.

Growing an avocado tree is easy provided you specifically follow the instructions for ideal germination and growth.  Some people are able to successfully grow an avocado from a plant to a tree but some can only grow the roots and a few stems before the sapling dies on them.

Being a subtropical to a tropical tree, the avocado thrives only in places with warm climates.  Although some varieties can be grown indoors and in places with colder weather, there are some setbacks if it is not planted in their most preferred habitat.

If grown indoors with too little or no sunlight, your avocado plant might die.  You will notice it begin to happen when the leaves of your plant start to turn yellow and drop off.  You will have to find it a place where it can get plenty of sun – near the window or under the shade in your porch.  Avocado plants may love sunlight but direct sunlight can kill it.

You also have to be aware how much water you use when you water it.  Leaving the soil too muddy and drenched will rot your plant’s roots.  But leave it dry for long periods and it will die of dehydration.  The key is to water it just enough that the soil is just moist.  Or better get a pot with large holes so it any excess water can be properly drained.

Lastly, if you have successfully made an avocado tree grow indoors, don’t dream of harvesting fruits from it.  Rarely do avocado plants grown indoors bear fruit.  They need the presence of another tree to can cross-pollinate.