The Calories Found in Avocados

Avocados are packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients than most other fruits – including calories.

An average size avocado contains about 300 to 350 calories.  If you can’t imagine how much that is, let’s just say that eating two of this delicious fruit is equivalent to the calorie content of a small meal.

Avocados have many calories and most of it is from fat or the oil it contains.  It’s about 20 times the average in other fruits.  But before you freak out, shouting “Calories!” and “Fats!” in your mind, you have to take note that it’s not the same calorie and fat found in processed foods.

Like avocados which have over 500 different varieties, there isn’t just one type of fat.  The fat found in avocado is mono-unsaturated.  It sounds heavy and scientific, but it only means that it’s the good kind – lowering your bad cholesterol instead of raising it like what saturated fat does.

Some of the food rich in monounsaturated fat include most nut, olive and – you guessed it — avocados.

When people talk and fuss over the calorie content in their food, what do they mean?  What is calorie anyway and does it work for or against you?

If we use liter to measure volume, we use calorie to measure energy.  When you see how many calories are contained in food, it’s a way of telling you how much energy you can get from eating it.

The bottom line is, without calories, you won’t even have the energy to live.

It doesn’t mean though, that you should eat as much high-calorie food whenever, wherever.  Like most things, anything taken in excess, no matter how good it is, is bad for you.

If you take in more calories than you can burn or utilize, chances are, the extra “energy” will be converted and stored as fat in your body.

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