Lower Your Cholesterol With Avocados

Sometimes, we trust prescription pills more than anything to help us get over an illness – for instance high cholesterol levels.  But more often than not, these pills – although created with good intentions – do more harm than good especially those with side effects a mile long.

Some of these prescription drugs make one feel lousy and depressed.  But more than “mood,” these can potentially be harmful to your liver.

But don’t you know that you don’t have to resort to just these medicines to lower your cholesterol?  There are natural remedies out there that can do you a lot of good – minus the side effects.

One good example is eating avocados.  It doesn’t matter if you use it as a dip, mix it in your salad or eat it as a topping on your meat.  The monounsaturated fat it contains will surely protect your arteries by helping increase the good cholesterol levels in your body and decreasing the bad ones.

Not only that.  A plant-based fat called beta-sitosterol also cuts down the absorption of cholesterol from the food we eat making avocados the ultimate natural cholesterol fighter.

This isn’t just mumbo-jumbo, doctor quack sort of thing.  It’s scientific, based on hard facts that has been tested and proven.

Just recently, it has been reported that eating avocados everyday for three weeks significantly reduced cholesterol in middle-age women by eight percent – a figure worthy to be noted as low-fat diet can only give you a five percent improvement.

What’s more, the avocado is also known to reduce the risk of heart attack by 20 percent.

You don’t have to torture yourself by restraining your cravings and food intake.  With avocado, you can get to eat as much as you want and still be good to your heart!