How to Grow an Avocado Tree Indoors in Britain

Being a tropical tree, the avocado thrives in warm places and shady areas. When planted outdoors, it can grow as high as 65 feet and produce approximately 120 fruits a year.

But it can also grow in colder climates, but it most likely will not flower or produce fruit.  If they do, the taste is quite different from those grown outdoors.

Fruit or not, the avocado tree can also be an attractive and exotic house plant.  For just a little cost – which is the price you pay when you buy avocado for eating — you can already grow an indoor avocado tree.

Don’t Throw the Seed Away

The most preferred method of growing an avocado tree is from the seed found in the middle of the fruit.

Pierce three to four evenly-spaced toothpicks around and into the avocado seed.  Suspend the seed with the pointed end up in a glass of water, immersing only the bottom part of the seed.  You can add a few pieces of charcoal to keep the water sweet.

If you notice the water evaporating after a few days, just add water (make sure the water isn’t cold) in the container, but do not replace the old water with a new one.

In about two to three weeks, you should see the seed begin to crack and the beginnings of roots and stems.  A couple of more weeks and the stem should reach six inches.  When it does, cut it back to about three inches so the energy can be put into root growth, allowing it to fully develop.  Cutting it will also make the tree bushy and have more leaves.

Moving the Seed to a Pot

When you see the foliage begin to appear, transfer the seedling to a pot filled with potting soil.  Remember to bury only the bottom part of the seed and the top partly exposed.

Place the pot in a sunny place, but keep the soil moist.  After a few weeks, it will grow to about 12 inches tall.  Make sure to cut it again down to six inches to produce a fuller plant.

Once you see the pot is already filled with the avocado’s roots, transfer the tree to a permanent pot and place it in area inside your home, ideally near the window.

The avocado tree would surely be an added attraction to your home for three to five years.