How to Grow an Avocado from a Pit

You may get irritated at the sometimes large pit right in the middle of your favorite fruit.  But it is there for a reason.

It’s where the avocado’s life begins — and you can help bring it to life.

Instead of throwing the seed away, save it.  From that seed may very well sprout a beautiful avocado tree.  Just follow these easy and simple steps:

  1. When you are slicing ripe avocados for eating, be careful not to cut through the seed or deeply wound its outer layer.
  2. Take the seed out and rinse off the remaining flesh and its slippery coating.  Do not remove the brown seed cover.
  3. Using three to four toothpicks, pierce the seed going horizontally around the pit, the toothpicks placed with even spaces in between.  The toothpicks will be used to mount the seed in a container.
  4. Find a suitable container or glass and fill it with water.  Then, suspend your seed in the container making sure that the pointed end is on top and the rounder part partially submerged in the water.
  5. In about two or three week’s time, you will see the seed begin to grow roots.  Another week or two and it will begin to foliage.
  6. Add water to the glass if you notice it evaporating.  Once the stem reaches six inches, cut it back to three inches to allow the roots to have enough nutrients so it can properly mature.
  7. When the stem reaches 12 inches, you can transfer the plant to a pot filled with fertilized soil.
  8. Water your plant everyday but remember not to “drown” your plant as its root might rot.

Since not all seeds will germinate, better try these steps with as many seeds as you want.