How To Buy Avocados

Here are some tips for picking out great avocados at the supermarket. Follow these simple rules and you will end up with ripe & tasty avocados!

Pick the right size avocado

If you’re using it to make something just for you, go with a smaller size. If you’re making, say, a big bowl of guacamole for a party, get some of the bigger ones. The small ones have more space taken up by the seed so they may not be as good a deal, but avocados are hard to store after they’ve been cut open, so it’s worth it to go with the appropriate size that you’ll need.

Avocado Color

Look at the colors first to get an idea of where to start. Color is not everything but if you see half the bin is bright green and the other half is purple, you know that the green ones just got added and they’re not as ripe.

Give the avocados a squeeze

More important than color is how they feel. Don’t buy the really mushy ones. If you are using them on the same day you are buying them get the ones that give a little when you push lightly with your fingers all over. If you are using them the next day, get some the only are a little soft near the narrow end.

If you plan on keeping them a few days, get some firm ones, but I usually don’t get the ones that are completely green and hard- I can’t wait that long! Buy a few at different levels of ripeness and you’ll have avocados for days!

When you get home you can put your avocados in a bowl on the counter, in a paper bag if they need to ripen more, or in the fridge if you want to slow down the ripening process.