How Big Will an Avocado Tree Grow?

How big your avocado will grow depends on a few things – the variety of the seed, where you plant it and how well you take care of it.

Avocados are innately medium to very large, tall trees.  Some of it can grow from 20 feet to as tall as 80 feet with age.  Constant pruning though, would keep it at a shorter height.

Too much watering can also stunt the tree’s growth, if not kill it altogether.  Although avocado trees should be watered daily, the soil should never be allowed to become muddy.

A fast-growing evergreen tree, the avocado tree generally branches out, making it look broad.  Some avocado cultivars like Bacon and Lula are broad.  They are also very productive.  The Duke cultivar is vigorous and can resist wind and the tree of the Creamhart variety is upright.

The avocado is a subtropical to tropical tree and thrives in climate with little wind and without frost.  It can be grafted or it can also be grown from the pit.  Grafted trees usually produce fruit in a year or two while trees grown from seeds will bear fruit in 8 to 20 years.