Healing Dry, Ageing Skin with an Avocado Face Mask

Do you feel frustrated about your skin?  Have you tried all sorts of bottled products just to cure your dry, ageing skin with all sorts of modern-day remedies?

The solution doesn’t always have to come in a bottle, nor should it have unreadable ingredients that have unknown or untrustworthy origins.

Nature has its own way of making things better – including your skin problems.

Popular fruit known to have great effects on the skin is the avocado.  This tropical, pear-shaped delicacy which originated from South and Central America contains lots of vitamins A, B, lecithin, panthotenic acid and vitamin E.

Yes, you don’t have to swallow those pills again to make your skin and hair look great.  You can either eat the fruit or make a face mask to enjoy the many nutrients contained in the fruit.

An avocado face mask is another great way of giving your skin a break and pampering yourself as this fruit, aside from tasting great, is an excellent topical moisturizer.

Making it is just simple – just choose a very ripe avocado so you can easily mash the flesh.  Once its texture is already an even, creamy pulp, you can spread it on your face.

Doing this once or twice a week for several weeks will ease out your wrinkles and moisturize your skin making it look younger and healthier.

The glutathione avocados contain can also help lighten your skin.

You can add different ingredients such as egg whites, honey, banana, yogurt or extra virgin olive oil in your avocado face mask.

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One Response to “Healing Dry, Ageing Skin with an Avocado Face Mask”

  1. Bill says:

    Does an avocado tree have to be grafted to produce fruit?