Avocados and Losing Weight: Can Avocados Be A Part of Your Diet?

You probably have heard that avocados are high in calories and fat.   And because you know these two are the “culprits” in your failure to lose weight, you take avocados out of your diet.

Avocados must be the most misunderstood fruit today.  Contrary to popular belief, this creamy delicacy can be your partner in achieving a successful weight management program.

How?  You have to understand that the fat found in avocados are different from the fat found in ice cream, cakes, butter and other similar products.  They are called saturated fat and they’re the bad kind – they don’t just make you gain weight, they also have a negative impact to your heart.

The kind of fat found in avocados are called monounsaturated fat – and they do quite the opposite of what saturated fats do.  Instead of raising your cholesterol levels, it lowers it.

What is more interesting is mono-unsaturated fat does two things you will surely like if you’re trying to lose weight:  it speeds up your basal metabolic rate and it suppresses your appetite.

Avocado is a “filling” food, just like bananas.  A small serving of avocado can make you feel full easily, satiating your hunger while at the same time, not depriving your body of the calories it needs.

Thus, bingeing or overeating tendencies are solved.

Avocados also taste so rich, creamy and good – a taste we don’t usually associate with what’s healthy.  Something as wonderful to our taste buds as avocados can’t be good, which is really a sad thing because avocados are both.

So, back to the question:  Can avocados make you fat?

The answer is, yes, it can – if you eat more than your body can use.  If you eat avocado everyday and spend a few minutes off your computer chair, then it certainly won’t.

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